Agility - Availability - Scale

Good on a bad day

Advanced Video Pipeline (AVP)

is carrier-grade software that can be tailored and installed to deliver YOUR premium streaming models

We are pioneers of virtualised video pipelines for online broadcasters and operators seeking to offer highest

Agility, Availability and Scale​


Drive out costs associated with downtime, over-capacity and under-capacity.  

Increase revenues by enabling differentiating features and new lines of business faster than your competitors.


Every stage of workflow

AVP's highly modular architecture has you covered from ingest through transcoding and enrichment to packaging and CDN / customer hand off.



...and anywhere in between.

id3as technology can

self-orchestrate or coexist within

Kubernetes / Docker environments, and runs on nearly any chipset, OS and platform.

Introspection analysis

AVP provides Exceptional Transparency into its inner workings, providing an unprecedented degree of visibility of your systems, from the highest level right down to the smallest component.

Self-healing pioneers

Introduced in 2011, id3as delivered their 'Self Healing' capabilities long before the competition.  
It remains the market leader.

Carrier-class availability

We are a specialised functional-programming software house: We use Erlang, which was developed 25 years ago to deliver Carrier Class Telecommunications.




Numerous 24/7 platforms exceeding 'five nines' SLA over more than 8 years, and with Global Scale deployments delivering more than 100,000 unique live events to many millions of viewers annually.

Live streaming specialists

Live is hard - live is only live once.  

If you miss it, it’s not live.

Getting live wrong

costs money and reputation.



The only thing that matters is your business processes.  Our flexibility, agility and microservices-centric approach  ensure that what gets delivered is exactly your business process.



Where possible, AVP adheres to Open Standards.  The entire API is documented in OpenAPI and the AVP Recorder stores critical media data in highly enriched but entirely standard MP4 files.  There is no vendor lock-in.

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