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AVP Enrich

Improved Quality of Experience

Quality of experience comes from more than just the video and audio consumers watch.


AVP Enrich provides numerous ways metadata from various sources can be integrated into the media to improve that QoE.

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Stream-based Metadata

AVP Enrich has read and write support for all of the industry standard metadata carriers (SEI Timecodes, subtitles, DVB teletext, SCTE35, ID3 tags etc.)  


Further, it allows for the creation of new metadata from third party services (AI speech to text, person recognition etc).

Interactive Enrichment

AI is great for making automated suggestions, but lots of services are far better delivered by humans.  


Preview streams for commentators can be created and the commentary they provide merged back in - all with the correct timestamps, all in a few hundred ms.  


SCTE35 markers can be created to mark appropriate points for monetisation (augmenting scheduled markers from a BXF description).

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Stream Synchronisation

The various sources of metadata can all come with varying delays.


AVP Enrich ensures that all the timestamps line up. It can dynamically manage the configuration into downstream AVP modules, e.g. to switch between sources or govern which overlays or PIP settings should be used.  


All of the metadata is also available in AVP Record so that it can be used in any live-to-vod (automated highlights etc) processes.

Parallel vs Serial Latency

Many media workflows are characterised by chaining together numerous single-purpose systems. Commentary is performed; the stream is viewed to create and add sports performance statistics; SCTE35 markers are added by humans watching for when half time really begins...  


Each of these inevitably adds latency with the total being the sum of each of the steps.


AVP Enrich enables all of these steps to be carried out in parallel - instantly minimising the latency.

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