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AVP Extend

Inherently Extensible

The Advanced Video Pipeline Platform and all the Modules therein share the same flexible architecture. Historically all customer solutions were constructed directly from that Platform foundation.  It’s a proven base that enables low risk, agile extension.

That ability to extend is still a core part of AVP, opening up new lines of business, changing the definition of what “leading edge” is.

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Standards and the Real World

One example of AVP Extend in action is work we did with Arqiva to deliver their Hybrid TV capability.


They had purchased a company that kick-started their capability in the area, with technology based on off-the-shelf components.  The problem they faced was that many of the TV manufacturers had paid at best scant regard to international standards - the solution only worked on 16% of target devices.


Six weeks into an engagement with id3as, we had a solution running on 96% of target devices. Lots of devices didn’t follow the standards, so we provided compatible (but not standard) streams for them...

New Lines of Business

Perform Group allowed their customers to provide commentary to some of the streams that Perform delivered to them.  That meant having a commentator physically sat in a production centre.


Building a custom video pipeline for them making aggressive use of WebRTC, we opened up the capability to any of their customers with a browser and a decent internet connection (zero install).


They went from delivering a handful of these events each year to many every day...

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How can we Extend your business?

AVP Platform can almost certainly deliver almost all of what you need out of the box.  


What remains is precisely what makes your business different to your competitors, and here is where AVP Extend come in.  


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