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AVP Ingest

Flexible, efficient source acquisition

AVP Ingest has a highly flexible ingest capability.  It captures numerous formats and protocols such as 6G-SDI, MPEG-TS, HLS, SIP, RTP, WebRTC, SRT, ISO 2022-7 etc. The architecture is designed to enable the rapid addition of new inputs, whether they be new standards or customer-specific.   


Quality from the off

AVP Ingest is designed to deal with the pain-points that real-life live events encounter every day.  From support for various reliable transport protocols, through sophisticated analysis of inbound metadata, enabling features such as the automatic fixing of timestamp errors and content gap detection.

Input Normalisation

AVP Ingest ensures that input PIDs are predictably mapped, languages are all correctly labelled, audio is split or merged as needed and has the correct volume / loudness.


Monitoring and Quality Measurement

AVP Ingest records everything you might want to know about all of your sources. Contrast levels, audio levels, metadata etc. are all recorded in real time and made available through AVP Reporting.

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Automated failover

Multiple source ingest is a prerequisite for high availability (99.999%).  AVP Ingest supports multi routes to the same source, different quality variants (consume the primary source unless there isn’t enough bandwidth in which case pull a lower quality source),  multi-camera ingest and alongside AVP Real Time Communications even delivers failover to audio only backups etc

Rich Output

Single outputs can be built from multiple audio, video and metadata (SCTE35, DVB Teletext etc) inputs - be that picture in picture, text overlays, mosaic walls etc. AVP Ingest ensures that all inputs can be stitched together and aligned for Transcode and Enrichment pipelines to consume.

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