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AVP Package

Dynamic flexible packaging

AVP Package delivers efficient, dynamic packaging into all the major industry standard formats (MPEG-Dash, HLS, TS, WebRTC, RTMP, Smooth, FLV...) for both live and on-demand content.  


As with all AVP Modules, it’s a ground up capability not relying on third party libraries, so extending its feature-set to support your unique packaging requirements is straightforward.

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Mature MPEG-Dash Capability

Live in production for a number of years, AVP Package supports rich outputs including multi period streams, on the fly resolution / codec changes, multi language outputs, subtitles, DASH Event Messages,  dynamic segment sizes, both dynamic and static manifests and a variety of trick-play capabilities (fast forward, rewind, IDR frame only...).

DRM and Encryption

AVP Package has built in support for CENC,  PlayReady, Widevine and Apple FairPlay DRMs as well as some more bespoke DRMs such as D-Book 7 Part B.  These all support key cycling, even for live streams.

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CDN Integration

AVP Package already supports all of the major vendors and where available from the CDN, we use push-based strategies to minimise latency and remove Origin Crush entirely.  For thoses CDNs that don’t support push ingest, AVP Package alongside AVP Record provide an ideal CDN Origin capability to deal with spikes in load.

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Low Latency

AVP Package has been delivering low latency streams, live in the field for years - including real time communication workflows.  


This is enabled through progressive download mechanisms, short duration segments or the use of specifically low latency protocols such as WebRTC.  

On Demand Creation of Virtual Assets

The range of packaging standards currently widely adopted by client devices means that it is very common to store multiple renditions of essentially the same content for on-demand access (MP4 versions, HLS, FLV etc.) and this comes with a large storage management burden and associated cost.  


AVP Package enables services where only one form of the asset is actually physically stored, but multiple renditions are served. There is even support for the on-the-fly creation of Virtual JPEGs from video assets. These virtual assets can be temporarily cached in a CDN infrastructure to maximise efficiency.

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