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AVP Platform

Exceptional Agility

Why do customers choose id3as?  


Because we can open up lines of business for them more quickly than the competition.

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Availability and Scalability

Why do our customers stay with id3as (and they all have!)?


Because our systems just work - even at scale.


Day after day, year after year

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All of the elements of the AVP Platform provide total transparency to their inner workings. Both in real time and historically.


At scale things go wrong. When you are talking to 1000s of CDN endpoints, some of them will fail.  AVP ensures that even from 1000’ view, the appropriate  microscopic detail is only a few mouse clicks away.


Advanced Video Pipeline deployments run in the context of a wider ecosystem.  All functionality and data capture is exposed through published OpenAPIs.  


As such, AVP can be seamlessly integrated into your own control and monitoring systems.


Carrier-class availability needs the right tools.  


Erlang uniquely provides share-nothing guarantees and supervision strategies to enable unparallelled levels of resilience.

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