AVP Transcode can produce H264, HEVC, AV1, VP9, WMA, AAC, EAC3 etc. The right codec for your downstream systems and viewers is a business decision - not something that the technology should dictate.  AVP Transcode can support them all and puts you in control.

The codec you want is probably already integrated.  New codecs emerge and requirements change; AVP Transcode is specifically designed to ensure that adding support for a new codec is straightforward.

From a simple H.264 output in a TS through to a full ABR ladder where you are controlling every available aspect of the settings in a particularly complex codec.  AVP Transcode has you covered.

AVP Transcode puts all the necessary tools (audio compression / equalization and video colour saturation / denoise etc) at your fingertips to deliver market-leading QoE.  

AVP Transcode makes best use of the available resources by automatically detecting and sharing “common elements” of a transcode job (de-interlacing, framerate conversion, resizing etc).  Not only does AVP Transcode leverage GPU acceleration, it carefully constructs GPU pipelines to maximise throughput.

AVP Transcode outputs can consist of more than one input with support for Picture-in-Picture, Mosaic etc and alpha blended metadata overlays (timecodes, text idents etc).  

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