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Carrier Class means 'Good On a Bad Day'

The id3as demos on the Kontron Hardware on the front of Intel's high profile stand at IBC 2016 were extremely well received.

The id3as team ran the demo more than 100 times over a 5 day period, with an extremely high degree of interest from major carriers, broadcasters and operators who are looking to deliver

reliably and at scale.

This has validated for us that the id3as strategy is world class and pioneering:- showing that virtualisation (done right) can enable our customers to offer 'Carrier Grade' services on Commodity Off The Shelf hardware and using IP networks.

We demonstrated:

  • Orchestrated Deployment of media processing and delivery technologies on COTS hardware

  • Leveraging Intel Media SDK for high density h.264 and HEVC transcoding

  • Custom and tailored workflow engineering (and philosophy)

  • Resource pooling and auctioning

  • Operations UI for NOC and MCR

  • Rapid OSS Introspection

  • Global Service view

  • 'atomic' detail in our workflows

But most importantly, and unique to the market at this time we demonstrated how we deliver 'High Availability Self-Healing Services' offering Carriers seamless and instantaneous redeployment of function in the event of resource failure'.

If you missed the demo and would like to understand these capabilities more then do please reach out:

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