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Catchup with Dom from id3as at SMWest

Dom (Director, Co-Founder and Creative Firestarter at id3as) was delighted to take part in some of the 'red-carpet' interviews hosted by Tim Siglin at StreamingMedia West 2017.

Tim and Dom chatted about Multicast, Dom's book and CellMuxes...

Dom also applied his writers hat!!!

You can see the full video HERE

The conference was amazing, and Dom also took part in moderating a panel session (posting soon!).

It has been a fantastic year for id3as - with numerous large publishers and operators relying on our software for their end-to-end workflows, and also for complex challenges which 'off-the-shelf' vendors simply cannot tackle, while offering the high-scale and high-availability that id3as is known as the market leader for.

If we can help then do please reach out!

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