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Content Delivery Networks, Fundamentals, Design and Evolution - BOOK RELEASED!

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Dom Robinson, Co-Founder, Director and Creative Fire-Starter at id3as, has a new book coming out today from publishers Wiley.

It has been an interesting two decades in this sector, and when Dom pitched Wiley to share some of his unusual insights spanning such a period with a close focus on CDNs and streaming, they agreed immediately.

The resulting book covers most aspects of online video and audio stream delivery, and comments freely and humorously on a wide range of topics.

While his previous Wiley title was a contribution to a wide-ranging collection of 'best-practice' papers, the new book aims to take someone passing through the sector on a brief history of streaming, technologies and techniques that he has seen first hand.

You can order directly from Wiley here!

And you can order from Amazon here too!

And for feedback or discussion go here!

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