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Dom (id3as) Chairing Content Delivery Summit 2020 on June 1st 8.50am ET

Updated: May 26, 2020

This year's Content Delivery Summit - originally due to be in Boston - is now a fully virtual all day event.

Dom is producing the whole event as a Zoom Meeting - and better still, registration and attendance is completely FREE!

The programme this year broadens the focus of this decade-old event.

While sessions after lunch will focus on the Applied CDN, including video and content delivery workflows, QoS, Complexity and Edge Compute and CDN Futures, new sessions before lunch will focus on 'CDN Underpinnings' and embrace the whole supply chain that CDNs bring together to create some of the worlds largest distributed, high scale, high availability and high capacity network services.

The majority of internet traffic is video and Content Delivery Summit emphasizes this largest network traffic driver of all. We’ll examine every element of the telecoms underpinning the very fabric of the internet, as well as the overlaid application layer that enables the network to deliver service to these vast distributed audiences. The agenda will cover a genuine "full stack" of technologies and commercial opportunities, including the following:

  • Physical Layer: Power, IXP, Carrier Hotels, Hosting, Edges

  • Non Fixed: RAN/Wireless/5G/Wi-Fi/Satellite/ATSC3.0/M-ABR/LTE-B

  • Link Layer: Peering/Transit/Interconnect/Core IP Architecture

  • Compute: Memory and Storage/CPU/GPU/FPGA/High Density

  • Delivering Service at Scale: Codecs/Encoding/Packaging/Caching/Latency

  • CDNs and Security: DDoS/Counter Piracy/DRM/Conditional Access

  • Service Orchestration: Functional Deployment/QoS/Introspection/Monitoring

  • CDN Innovation: Next Gen Services/Edge Compute

Where each of these layers are discussed in isolation at a number of other events, it is only at Content Delivery Summit that providers of all these elements come together and discuss and debate the interrelated issues and interdependencies holistically.

Through the day we will also be focussing on bringing power efficiency up as an equal design priority to price and performance.

Registration is going fast so sign up soon!


And of course a big thank you to all the CDS 2020 Sponsors!


Should you want to find out more about how can help you build the highest availability live streaming workflows there are do reach out on

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