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Dom (id3as) to Chair Content Delivery Summit Autumn Edition on October 5th.

Dom Robinson, Director of id3as and Contrib. Ed for is chairing this autumn's Content Delivery Summit (CDS)

The success of the new online format for CDS, pioneered in June 2020, inspired the event organisers to ask Dom to add a new CDS to their StreamingMedia West event. So on October 5th Dom and the CDS team are back, and judging by registrations the audience are coming back too!

Dom's programming covers the underlying telecoms and compute infrastructure that comprises CDNs as well as the propositions that CDNs offer to content publishers and consumers.

This means that the CDN Underpinnings session before 'lunch' (Pacific Times) will focus on the supply chain into the CDNs, looking at locating, powering and interconnecting PoPs, running them efficiently, and connecting them to access networks.

After the lunch break the event moves to a focus on CDN Propositions, with Video Distribution naturally taking centre stage for the early part of the afternoon, but the agenda moves into service orchestration, monitoring and QoS based route-optimisation around the afternoon break.

The day will then finish with three short presentations looking at the Future of CDNs and Edge Compute in the content delivery context. The closing session will convene the CDS moderators for a wrap up and the meeting 'floor' will be then be opened to the delegates for informal discussion.

It is free to air so sign up and join us.

Any questions :

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