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Evolution of Video Encoding Options @ SMWest

Dom Robinson, (Director, Co-Founder and Creative Firestarter at id3as) was delighted to host a fantastic panel at the start of StreamingMedia West 2017 in LA this year.

The panel included

  • Dan Germain, Sr., AWS Elemental

  • Dror Gill, Beamr

  • Mahmoud Al-Daccak, Haivision

  • James Jackson, Wowza Media Systems

And topics included Codec evolution, virtualisation and orchestration, and GPU approaches. if you are exploring a video encoding strategy this is a must-see..

The video can be seen in full HERE

It has been a fantastic year for id3as - with numerous large publishers and operators relying on our software for their end-to-end workflows, and also for complex challenges which 'off-the-shelf' vendors simply cannot tackle, while offering the high-scale and high-availability that id3as is known as the market leader for.

If we can help then do please reach out!

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