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id3as powers Perform Group's Commentary

Over the past year id3as has been privileged to build a cutting edge, complex new workflow for

From their website: "Perform collect, produce, package and distribute content from all sports, in all formats, across one digital platform. We make our content available with speed, breadth and depth to our B2B clients, and also to sports fans visiting our own platforms. We own and support destination brands that bring our content and products to market in innovative and exciting ways. We are bringing a pioneering new OTT service to the market called DAZN, revolutionising the way fans consume premium live sport. We work closely with various rights holders to generate new revenues for sport..."

As you will know (reading this blog) id3as is a specialist software engineering company who build highly available, complex Video and Audio workflows for publishers, content delivery network operators and broadcasters who need a carrier grade service engineered within a virtualised and flexible IT infrastructure. While many solutions can be 'glued' together from multiple 'off the shelf' and commodity technology stacks, the complexity of doing so often leads to instability and complications in support and maintaining service availability.

id3as was approached by Perform to engineer a virtual model for remote commentators to watch and add new commentary to live video, with the specific instruction that the whole workflow must add minimum latency.

The system has now gone live:

Each live video feed is split on downlink to the Perform Facilities, and while one high quality video feed is prepared for transmission a lower quality low latency feed is made available to a remote commentator who is using only a web browser and a microphone, and who may be anywhere in the world (providing significant scaling advantages along with commensurate cost savings and flexibility for the over all operation). The new commentary is then returned to the Perform Facility, muxed into the live output transmission and forwarded on to distribution networks for end user consumption.

And all this while adding minimal latency to the overall throughput of the transmission.

For more information please reach out to

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