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id3as to feature on Intel Stand at NAB

id3as has created an advanced and comprehensive orchestration and media service-chain capability for Network and Service Operators.

id3as tailor made software platforms directly meet increasing consumer and enterprise demand for complex, high availability, at-scale media workflows.

Many groups are currently turning to us for thought leadership as Network Operators look to virtualising their Network operations. We have been out in production for 5 years with numerous media clients ranging from those servicing the financial services sector (eg NASDAQ's Market Disclosure platform - 35,000 live events / year) to delivery of pioneering Hybrid Digital Terrestrial TV systems (eg Arqiva's Freeview Plus HD and YouView encoding and delivery platform which forms part of the UK's critical broadcasting infrastructure).

Our code base is entirely developed in house, meaning we can tune, optimise and fix problems ourselves - no waiting on release cycles or other limitations caused by third parties.

We use established telecoms orientated programming languages (Erlang, C and Rust) to deliver everything from provisioning, load balancing and security to encoding, muxing and distribution. This combination gives Operators un-precedented scale, availability and uptime. We have platforms which have (at the point of writing) had 100% uptime for multiple years, even while running on hybrid private / public cloud infrastructures.

On the Intel stand at this years NAB conference in Las Vegas (April 18th to 21st) High Density Compute leaders Kontron will be demonstrating the very latest in High Density Video Processing.

id3as technologies will be seen deployed in the Kontron hardware, leveraging Intel's QuickSync GPU based video encoding, and will be demonstrating end to end video acquisition, processing and delivery workflows live on the stand.

This demonstration will show:

  • Video and Audio Capture, Field Encoding and Contribution

  • Dynamic Workflow / Service Chain Orchestration, Resilience and Oversight

  • Multi-Format Transcoding (offloading to Intel's GPU)

  • Web Based remote Linear Editing of live video

  • Distribution and Delivery to IP Connected Devices

We will be showing how our technologies can - today - provide scalable, fully resilient redundancy even in scaled up and mission critical live video production environments.

Do drop by the Intel stand for a demo: South Hall (Upper) - SU621 [Far West End]

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