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id3as to present at MEC Congress Berlin

On Monday 25th September Dom Robinson of id3as will be Chairing and Presenting at

Huawei - CDN Workshop

Monday, 25 September 2017

14:00 - 17:30

With the popularity of video services such as 4K/8K/VR/AR in future, the network throughput will increase in magnitude, and the ultra-low latency requirement might bring some challenges for current CDN.

Current CDN nodes are often highly placed at the backbone and/or metro network.

This kind of CDN network architecture can’t fit these services well since it poses a great challenge on the backbone/metro network capacity as well as the E2E delivery performance. In order to solve this problem and promote the healthy development and expansion of CDN industry chain, this session will provide an overview and introduction of CDN value chain, current challenge and future requirement, CDN new architecture, CDN new multi-interconnection between CDN service providers, operators, contents providers and other players, as well as new business cooperation innovation.

14:00–14:10 Chair’s Opening Remarks

Dom Robinson, Co-Founder, Director and Creative Firestarter, id3as

14:10-14:40 CDN Novel Architecture for High Distribution-Access CDN

  • CDN current challenge and future requirement analysis

  • Introduction to CDN novel architecture Access CDN for highly distributed edge

  • Innovation business model of Access CDN

Siyu Tang, Senior R&D, Huawei

14:50-15:20 Development Trends of CDN

  • The challenge and opportunity analysis of CDN

  • The technical upgrade direction of CDN

  • The relationship between CDN and edge computing

Dong Li, Assistant President, Chinanetcenter

15:30-16:00 CDN and Edge Computing

  • Perspectives of Edge computing for CSPs

  • CDN as an application of edge computing

  • De-centralizing content distribution to drive efficiencies

  • CDN use cases and business scenarios in the eyes of CSPs

Ervins Kampans, CTIO, Tele2

16:10-16:30 Examining Orange’s CDN in Spain

  • What have we done?

  • How is our CDN network developing?

  • Deploying CDN nodes very deep in the Spanish network

  • CDN engineering constraints within deep caches

  • Exploring our PoC on vCDN

Laurent Ruckenbusch, Content Delivery Monitoring, Analytics and Mobile Optimization, Orange Labs

16:40-17:00 Deploying CDN at the Edge of the Network

  • TEF experience delivering CDN @ the edge

  • Understanding the challenges associated with working with large content providers

  • What the future might look like?

David Artuñedo, CEO, OnLife Networks (Telefónica intrapreneur Startup)

17:00 – 17:20 Advanced Content Delivery: Beyond Containers and Microservice Architecture

Dom Robinson, Co-Founder, Director and Creative Firestarter, id3as

Led By: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd

Main agenda14:00 - 17:30


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