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Low Latency, Carrier Grade CDN software for Operators.

id3as builds the Carrier Grade media software for some of the worlds largest premium live streaming service operators and CDNs. The team comprises seasoned experts with 25+ years experience in streaming, CDN scaling and high-availability distributed-compute.

In addition to our CDN software, id3as' encoding and packaging software underpins many tens of thousands of live events each year, and reliably delivers numerous live-linear channels all day, every-day across many networks and infrastructures.

We have a proven track record of being 'Good on a Bad Day' in the complex and demanding workflows that comprise live streaming challenges.

"When Amazon US-East went down, we had most of our infrastructure running there. Some companies were down for days. We were down for around a second. None of our customers even noticed!"

- Simon Ball: Head of Global Webcast Operations - NASDAQ OMX

id3as recently partnered with Limelight Network to develop their Next Generation Realtime Streaming:

“Working in partnership with id3as has been transformational - the scalability and quality of the solution is outstanding. We can deliver a better experience than ever before with an order of magnitude improvement in density. "The ability of the system to self-heal has meant that no matter what we throw at it (simulated netsplits hardware failures etc.) the solution just keeps on working!”

- Virgil Prewitt (Principal Architect) Press release

id3as is also currently demonstrating high-efficiency, low latency segment based media delivery with RFC8673 compliant LL-HLS and LL-DASH (the same asset serving HLS, DASH, LL-DASH and LL-HLS - thereby massively improving cache efficiency).

We have numerous other interesting and unusual workflows at scale that we can explore with you.

A recent article about id3as :

Do reach out if you would like to find out more -

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