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The State of the CDN Market

Updated: May 26, 2020

@StreamingMediaWest 2019 Dom Robinson, Co-Founder and Director of hosted an engaging and interesting panel focussed on The State of The CDN Market.

Content delivery networks (CDNs) deliver vast quantities of data to an ever-growing, media-hungry audience. The sheer scale of operations and consumer adoption of these services is daunting. Forgotten when they work, yet in the spotlight if they fail, the CDNs have a thankless but critical role in our industry. In this session, Dom Robinson, chair of Content Delivery Summit and 25-year veteran in the CDN space, talks to executives from the leading CDNs about the state of the sector, the challenges being faced, new technology strategies, and which services are rising and falling in demand. If a CDN is a part of your ecosystem, then this broad discussion should touch on a variety of high-level topics that directly affect your business.

Panelists represented some of the most significant CDNs operating today:

The session can be viewed in full here:

For more information about how can help you with achieving carrier grade availability with your live streaming content delivery network workflows reach out on

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