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Video: Virtualisation for media publishers, CDNs and operators

The video archive from is now available!

Accompanying slides are available here.

Virtualisation for media publishers, CDNs and operators

We examine the evolution of technology trends in the streaming space over the past 20 years, and why the trend is towards virtualisation at all levels – from media encoding and transcoding to delivery – leading to higher availability, stronger security, and higher service velocity. The increasing availability of graphics processors in commodity chipsets is changing the dynamic of where and how media is treated. This session will present a case study showing how this can provide for ‘carrier-grade’ availability even if the underlying fabric is only offering commodity-grade SLAs. Panellists will discuss how virtualisation is evolving in the operator space, and how it is changing the strategy of telcos and media distributors as they seek to bring these capabilities to market.

  • Moderator: Dom Robinson, Director and Creative Firestarter - id3as & Contributing Editor,, UK Andy Conway, Key Account Manager - Kontron, UK

  • Jeff Webb, Principal Streaming Architect - Sky, UK

  • Mike Ory, Engineering Manager, Digital Platforms - Verizon Digital Media Platforms, USA

The video is also available along with many of the other Streaming-Forum sessions here:

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